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Our Origin Story:

A Blend of Startup Mentality and Rich Experience

At Cloud Intelligence Solutions, we’ve spent the last two decades building a legacy of excellence and innovation. With a startup’s dynamism and a rich history of experience, CIS has consistently proven its value in the technology sector. Our approach is client-first, always aiming to guide our partners into a strong, competitive, and long-term position. We steer clear of speculation and cookie-cutter solutions, focusing instead on delivering innovative thinking that enhances the human experience for employees and fosters business growth.

Our Mission: Elevating Global Corporations with Advanced Solutions

Cloud Intelligence Solutions assists global corporations in managing essential systems and processes, advancing IT, refining data structures, and securing and scaling in diverse cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid. We are trusted by major global enterprises and governmental bodies to implement solutions that elevate efficiency, competitive edge, and customer satisfaction within their IT infrastructures. Learn more about our commitment to outstanding service for our clients and team members at

SAP-Focused Solutions: Adapting to Market Changes

CIS offers a comprehensive range of SAP-focused solutions, empowering our global clients to promptly adapt to market changes, streamline their processes, and minimize the disruption, risks, and expenses associated with organizational growth and evolution.

Why Choose Cloud Intelligence Solutions?

Join us on a journey of technological transformation and discover how Cloud Intelligence Solutions can drive your business towards a future of endless possibilities.

Client-First Approach

Your success is our priority

Global Experience

Trusted by global enterprises and governments.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our accountability is your assurance.

Innovative Solutions

We deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Comprehensive SAP Expertise

Adaptable and efficient SAP solutions

Passion with Purpose: Making Technology Matter

At CIS, we’ve created a company with a purpose: to make technology matter. Our breadth of experience and industry intelligence—arguably unmatched by competitors—fuels our eagerness to face challenges head-on. Uniquely positioned to change the landscape for the better, we are committed to making SAP solutions more relevant for organizations of all sizes. We do this through the responsible use of strategy, business acumen, and technology. And by responsibility, we mean accountable—we are wholeheartedly invested in your success.